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An update on environmental sustainability at Airbnb

At Airbnb, we believe addressing climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our generation and that businesses play a key role in helping to achieve a stable climate. We also believe that striving for more sustainable operations—and helping our Hosts and guests become more sustainable —helps us increase business efficiency, reduce energy costs, and create a more resilient and sustainable company and community.

In 2021, we committed to operating as a net zero company by the end of 2030 by reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with our corporate operations1 and addressing our residual emissions by investing in quality solutions, including nature-based projects. Today, we are sharing an update on our progress, including our efforts to identify the largest sources of our corporate emissions and reduce them in line with the Paris Agreement.2 Our new Sustainability and Community Update also details our work outside of our net zero goal, including efforts to empower Airbnb Hosts and guests to adopt more sustainable practices. Highlights include:

  • Reducing emissions. Airbnb’s corporate, absolute emissions were approximately 17 percent lower in 2022 than they were in 2019, which serves as our baseline year, and lower than our annual science-based target.
  • Working with suppliers. Like many companies, Airbnb’s suppliers represent the largest portion of our emissions.3 We are working with suppliers to address these emissions through the Airbnb Supplier Sustainability Program. To date, we have engaged nearly 70 suppliers, representing approximately 61 percent of Airbnb’s 2022 corporate emissions, in the first phase of this program.
  • Investing in nature: We expanded and diversified our carbon credit purchases, as well as increased our purchases from nature-based emissions removal projects.
  • Helping our Hosts: With energy prices contributing to the rising cost of living, we launched pilot programs across the UKFrance and the United States to help our Hosts make their homes more energy efficient, with the goal of reducing their carbon footprints and leading to long-term savings on their bills. Thousands of Hosts have engaged with these programs so far and we are working to find additional opportunities to help more Hosts improve the energy efficiency of their homes around the world.

While we are pleased with our progress to date, we look forward to continuing our work to make our company and our community more sustainable.

Our Sustainability and Community Update also includes updates on our efforts to foster a diverse workforce and inclusive company culture, build trust, keep our community safe,  protect our Hosts’ and guests’ privacy, and strengthen the communities our Hosts and guests call home.

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